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CW: Patrick Tran

Silver - Consumer Campaign - Austin Addys 2020
Bronze - Consumer Campaign - District Addys 2020
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The Innocence Project works tirelessly to exonerate the wrongfully convicted and with very little awareness of their efforts, it’s hard for them to generate the donations needed to expand their operations and help more people.

California v. Simpson, The People v. Charles Manson;
it’s undeniable that the populace is fascinated with trials. Yet, the trial that should be defining our justice system may never happen. It’s no wonder 91% of Americans support criminal justice reform when the system is guilty of kidnapping, robbery, conspiracy, and murder.
This is The People v. The System: the trial of a millenium.
Justice for all.

Time stolen is time dead. The obituaries of the New York Times would be filled with stories and testimonies of those the Innocence Project have helped to emphasize the weight of being wrongfully convicted.

If this is the trial of the millenium, then we’re all being summoned for jury duty. A direct mail component to this campaign serves to call people to action and allow them to see the justice system as the ones put on trial.

Now, donating to our cause is easier than ever. With a scannable logo, you can be immediately directed to our donations page.