The Flat Earth Society

AD: Stooph
CW: Eleanor Fialk
When it comes to climate change, it feels like it’s all been done before, especially targeting a younger generation of sayers and not doers. So how can we best cut through the noise to reach this jaded population? 
According to scientists, the world will end by 2050 if we don’t do something about climate change now. But the people who can do something about it and affect policy don’t even believe it’s real (here’s looking at you, Mitch McConnell). But the science behind it is so indisputable, even the biggest conspiracy theorists believe in climate change.

Yes, even flat earthers, the most buzz-worthy, talked-about conspiracy group online. Using the untapped resource of The Flat Earth Society, we devised a campaign on their behalf to #SaveOurFlatEarth because at the end of the day, flat or round, we have to save this planet.
To give the flat earthers some positive attention for the first time since its inception, we’re taking one of their lesser known beliefs and making it into a buzzworthy climate change campaign.

The official Flat Earth Society twitter account would spearhead this movement by taking a stance on climate change, despite the discourse on the shape of the planet.

This poster series would feature a flat earther’s take on global warming, a call to arms to save this earth and stop bickering about its shape, or just a call to arms.

We would also set up a fund that people could donate to that would benefit Greenpeace’s Save The Arctic efforts.

Additionally, we would expand the merch line to include t-shirts and stickers to better incentivize the younger audience. All proceeds generated from this line would be donated to Greenpeace’s Save The Arctic efforts.

Bill Nye Video:
More shareable social content to get Gen-Zers talking.

Bill Nye VO:

[Opens on table with flat globe]

Hi, I’m Bill Nye, and I’m partnering with the Flat Earth Society to take on the real conspiracy theorists: climate change deniers. Listen, I don’t care whether you think the world is round or flat or square. At least the Flat Earth Society believes in global warming! You want to believe there’s an ice wall around the edge of the earth keeping us all from plummeting to our deaths below?

Go for it! We’ve got bigger fish to fry. The Earth is getting hotter and hotter and hotter and that’s a fact. Temperatures are rising, ice is melting, and we’re all going to die a hot and fiery death. If we don’t come together, we’ll burn together —  flat earthers and round earthers alike.

[Bill Nye slaps flat earth globe off the table and exits]
Neil Degrasse Tyson and The Flat Earth Society VS. Climate Change deniers:
Using Instagram live and Youtube live, Neil Degrasse Tyson and the Flat Earth Society will come together to debate people who don’t believe in climate change, further proving that it matters more that we’re all on the same side of this argument and not about shape politics.